Woods & Materials

Red Cedar

Pure wood, resistant, scented, naturally occuring insecticide and fungacide. Life expectancy: 25-40yrs


Factory treated with non-arsenic preservatives: copper-azole (CA-B). Life expectancy: 20-30yrs


With choice of colour – staining regives life and can preserve wood for an additional time. Recoat every ± 5 yrs

What do clients say?

A large portion of our clients choose treated wood because it is the least expensive option. A good portion choose Western Red Cedar. And on occasions, some clients will seek out other types of wood such as Ipe, torrefied wood, bamboo etc.To give you more options, Fantastik Fences added to its selection a brown coloured treated wood, giving a nice finished look while respecting certain budgets.

Our Recommendation

Although a bit pricier than treated wood, Red Cedar is the preferred choice when it comes to selcted wood : it is highly appreciated for it’s look, perfum, softness, ecological aspects, and long lifespan. It adds a real warm, solid and elegant feel to any home. Red cedar is great wood to work with, and is ideal not only for fences but most garden structures you may wish to build.


Staining or varnishing wood is not mandatory, but can prevent the fence or garden structure’s colour from faiding to a greyish hue, while also helping to preserve the wood. Without this additional protection UV rays from the sun will work on all wood to eventually discolour it to a grey tone. Fantastik Fences offers straining of wood as a service to all clients who take up a new construction project with us. If you would like us to stain your wood – simply ask a representative to add it in the contract, or check off the box in our free estimate form.

Other Materials

Fantastik Fences builds with quality and care on all projects – whether new or a repair. To achieve this, we chooses only quality wood and materials, and this includes a durable concrete mix and galvanised hardware that can withstand our tough climat.