Frequently Asked Questions

Any Maintenance required?

None Required.

Color fading

Most wood types will turn grey within first 2 to 3 years due to sunlight (UV).

Should I stain the wood?

You can give your fence or garden structure a nice tone by staining it, but it is recommend to repeat this process every 2 to 5 years to maintain the look.

Note:  Staining and/or varnishing can help preserve sections.  We’ve changed all the posts on 30+ year old fences, but the sections were still in good condition.

What is the life expectancy?

The posts on our constructions should last 20 to 30 years sometimes more, before they rot. Rotting is a natural process as wood is a natural product.

Do you use Sonotubes?

We do not use Sonotubes for the foundations of our fences. Our concrete foundations are buried to maximize solidity.


We work around trees. We prune trees the right way, and minimize our impact on roots and branches. When it calls for it, we often integrate trees into our designs. Here are some examples


Concrete foundations

At times, concrete foundations may be brought to ground-level surface – but this is usually in the city. Otherwise, we steer away from this practice to avoid cracking or eventual raising of these foundations.

Prefab & Spike posts

Prefab and metal spikes is not the preferred way of doing things if you want a straight, solid long lasting Fantastik Fence! We custom-build and design to be perfectly in sync with your property, and long-lasting.

Job time

We work on 1 project  at a time. Depending on the project, fence style & the weather,  this is the average time according to a the length of a fence:

  • 0 -50 feet     =  1 to 2 days
  • 50 -100 feet  =  2 to 3 days
  • 100 +  feet    =  3 to 4 days


The Owner and Project Manager of Fantastik Fences ( Alex Kolmel ) will be working on your project from A to Z with his professional Fantastik Team.


The majority of our clients choose treated wood. A smaller portion choose Western Red Cedar . And on occasions, some clients will seek out other types of wood such as Ipe, torrefied wood, bamboo etc.

Although pricier than treated wood, Red Cedar is a preferred choice : it is highly appreciated for it’s look, perfum, softness, ecological aspects, and long lifespan.

Falling Fences

Although ground movement can be a contributing factor, we’ve seen often enough that shallow holes and shoddy foundation work will prove to be the culprit of falling fences. As for metal spikes – they have a tendency to rust, break, bend and hold little.

Fantastik Fences relies on solid wood, a good concrete mix, galvanised hardware and its decade of experience to deliver quality work, that will last!